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Lord Greystoke
Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise......Reviews and Praise
Tiger Lily from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews gave COUGAR BY THE TAIL 4 cherries. She says: J. Hali Steele writes spicy stories that stick with the reader long after the last page. This story doesn’t disappoint. Peri and Trent grabbed my attention right off, and held me long after I closed the ebook. Ms. Steele also writes with a tenderness and way with description that made me feel like I was there, frolicking on the mountainside with Peri and Trent. Read more at Whipped Cream
Holly from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews gave HOT TIN ROOF 4.5 cherries. She says: The characters are fully developed and beautifully complex. The attraction between Leron and Cory is intense and almost immediate, and the scene in the kitchen of the coffee shop is as hot as any I’ve read. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to visit these exotic cats and their friends. But be sure to take plenty of cold drinks and keep the a/c on high. Read more at HERE
T. S. Peters at JERR gave HOT TIN ROOF 4.5 stars. She says:
Although short, this was one of the most entertaining books I have read this season. There wasn't a minute of this book when my eyes weren't melted to the screen. The dialog, emotions and action in HOT TIN ROOF will steal your breath away. I don't recommend drinking anything while you're reading this. I made that mistake and it was not pretty. Read more at JERR
With Extra Cream received 5 angels! Kimber of Fallen Angel Reviews said WITH EXTRA CREAM is a fun erotic romance between a hot shapeshifter and a practical woman. Jag is one of the most playful paranormal heroes written. The beginning of the story with him strung out on too many lattes is hilarious. Read full review HERE.
Nicole from Bitten by Books said: enjoyed WITH EXTRA CREAMIt is a short tale of a sensual nature...for as short as it was, it was enjoyable. If you are looking for some sizzle during your lunch, then this may be the one for you!
Tiger Lily of Whipped Cream Reviews:
Few books capture my attention within the first few pages, but [SERVICED] this one did.,,characters came alive for me, even when they didn't behave as I'd suspected. If you want a story that’s got lots of heart and heat, then you need to read Shepherd’s Watch: Serviced. Full review HERE
Dyanne Doezz of The Romance Studio:
J. Hali Steele writes a nicely gathered novella [SERVICED]. All senses are effectively depicted delivering a well rounded piece of work...this is an enticing short story that can be read in an evening. Full review HERE
Tiger Lily of Whipped Cream Reviews said:
I know when I open a J. Hali Steele book, I’m in for a hot ride. [GUARDED] This book contains not only spicy love scenes but enough twists and turns to keep me right in my seat. The writing is fast-paced and full of quips. I laughed and cried as the characters took me on the emotional ride. Read the full Review HERE.
Tiger Lily of Whipped Cream Reviews said:
Holy German Shepherds Batman! This was one hot story. I know when I open a book by J. Hali Steele, I’m in for a fantastic time. This book was no exception. I loved the other books in the Shepherd’s Watch series. I was literally chomping at the bit to get this book. If you want a story chock full of unforgettable characters and tight plotlines, then you need to read Shepherd’s Watch: PROTECTED. I guarantee it’s worth the ride. Read more HERE.
5 Diamonds! S.K. Fero of Got Romance Holiday Reviews said: STONE COLD--I have been to Stonehenge and found it awe-inspiring. The author’s twist on using the famous place was great fun and well done. The characters were unique and I especially enjoyed poor Erac’s frustrations at the beginning. Talk about torturing a hero! Read more HERE
Night Owl Review's BusyMom said: 3.75 I loved the premise of [STONE COLD] this book…a living statue watching over the woman he loves… The love scenes were scorching; one on one, a threesome where the focus was Vena, then a guy guy scene where she is more a voyeur. Very hot. Read more HERE.
Sin at TwoLips Reviews said: ...[STONE COLD] kept my interest throughout the read. I found the curse enthralling and the characters vibrant...I’d recommend this read to any number of people. HERE.
"Witty and sexual as the cats come out to play"  HARD CASE gives us a look at the voyeuristic side as well as from the performer's point of view. It also shows us what a person is willing to go through to win his mate. It is erotic with a touch of humor thrown in here and there. from ParaNormal Romance by Annette Stone...HERE
The sparks Case and Tres create are like tinder to a flame.  J. Hali Steele definitely knows how to make the most of both the voyeurism and exhibitionism scenes in HARD CASE.  Both the erotic tension between Tres and Case and the fulfillment of their desires makes the book sizzle.  Hard Case works on every level and I hope desperately Ms. Steele writes a book for Case’s friend Alek.  Joyfully Recommended! Review by Shayna 
Seriously Reviewed said about RHYTHM OF LOVE: SMOKIN' hot sex!!! Oh the sexual tension starts early and POW**** delivers with a bang! :) Ms Steele delivered some reeeeeeally good loving that had me sweating from the get-go :) I always love it when an author can deliver the goods and leave me happy at the end. Great job Ms Steele I shall keep an eye out for your name in the future :)
Review HERE.
A TOP PICK! Melinda said: ACE OF SPADES are in three words, hot, sizzling and passionate. Roe and Ace were just right for each other. 
Tiger Lily of Whipped Cream Reviews said: J. Hali Steele writes compelling stories that draw the reader in from the first page. RHYTHM OF LOVE is no exception. The characters are life-like, interesting, and fresh. There are plot twists in this story I never saw coming and loved. HERE.
Indy Book Fairy: [QUENCH] This is a different story for me but it was good.  It had moments where you had to figure out what was happening but when you did it was worth reading.  I even laughed in some parts. Four Vamp Angels - Cindy's review: HERE
4.5 stars from Stormy Viixen at The Jeep Diva: The author has created an intriguing and fascinating world with her own refreshingly different elements and characters that captivates the reader and has them wanting to know more.  While I wish the story [HARD CASE] had been longer, I found this quick read to be enjoyable and entertaining and I am looking forward to reading the next one. Review HERE
Stormy Vixen at The Jeep Diva gives QUENCH 4.5 stars: The author combines lots of intriguing powerful characters that the reader wants to know more about with interesting story concept and lots of hot and steamy pleasure to captivate the reader.  I don’t know if she plans on writing more involving the Kind, but I certainly hope so. Review HERE
4 stars from Candy at Sensual Reads for BANE OF EXISTENCE: J. Hali Steele takes the reader to Hell and brings along Heaven’s Vampire to exact revenge on the son of Satan.  A human woman is sandwiched between them as their dark sexual past is revealed to the reader.  The author explores how sex can be used for revenge even when the parties are willing.  Will Nolan’s plan for revenge backfire? Review HERE
UNREDEEMABLE: "The characters have strong personalities and even stronger desires. If you like alpha type males and authoritative independent women, then J. Hali Steele offers them up in spades." DelAnne from TRS Full Review: HERE

UNFORGIVABLE: "Both our hero and heroine are strong forceful personalities in search of their connections to the past. They are well-rounded and make you feel their pain and passion — and there is a lot of passion to go around. I hope you find Unforgivable as entertaining and as addictive as I did." -- 4 Hearts from DelAnne at TRS, HERE
5 stars from Barb, Drue's Random Chatter Reviews HELLACIOUS 3, FIRSTBORN: "I want to read more from this author. Can't wait to see what else is in store for me in her stories. I think everyone has some wicked in them, I know I do! I am so glad I read this book because I had one hellacious time reading this book!" HERE
Xeranthemum from Long and Short of it said: Whether a reader is a first timer to this series like me, or one who’s been following all along, ZADER'S MENAGERIE will satisfy the romantic inside. The pace is brisk with a lot going on to keep a reader’s attention engaged and interested. What’s not to like about alpha shifters in an emotional pickle? It certainly was a fast read for me because I found it fascinating and stimulating. Zader is one yummy guy/cat. Read full review HERE
UNHINGED: "The sex is hot and carnal between the two lovers and you can’t risk putting the story away until your done. The scenes that the author describes reminds you of a winter wonderland for those who love the snow. Nightshade has a humous way of trying to deal with the climate, and his reaction adds to the humour of the story. The reader is pulled into the atmosphere and plot to make Unhinged a well rounded enjoyable romance." Full Review by Catherine @ TRS: HERE

Shyla from Romancing the Book calls HURT ME GOOD-Dirty Rotten Vampires 1 a Rose in Bloom! A quick hit of naughty, nasty, and downright mean with a hint of redemption. Because we all know bad boys always walk that edge till the end. HERE
Reviewer from The Long and The Short of it Reviews said about HURT ME GOOD-Dirty Rotten Vampires 1: Ms. Steele did a good job of creating this paranormal world considering this is a short story. I was sad to see the story end since I wanted more and more of the story and the characters...Miss Steele gave enough to spark my interest and yet, held back enough details to make me want come back to keep an eye out for the next book in the series. HERE
4 stars from Barb, Drue's Random Chatter Reviews A VAMPIRE'S THIRST: "Very entertaining and kept me interested while I turned each page. I laughed and giggled at some of the book. Give it a chance, it is a quick read and go ahead and enjoy yourself!" HERE
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Male/Male series
Three vampires who love as they choose.
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Ander         Simeon                  Zeb
Thunder     Jude               Coming Soon:
Leviat         Scariot                  Gage

“I’ve slept with a few clients. I might sleep with him if I like him, but he won’t keep me enthralled for long. None ever do.”

No one has thoroughly captivated Scott Ketchum who works as an escort for Brief Knights. Not as tough as he looks, he’ll pamper his clients, but Scott finds nothing fascinating about being on top. Ever. Problem—he’s bossy as hell and won’t take crap.

“For the right price, my escort will put out. It’s my money and I get what I pay for.”

Reed Chandler got where he is through grit and cunning. Moving to Los Angeles to oversee an acquisition, he finds himself surrounded by a gaggle of blond, muscled beach bums looking for an easy way up. Realizing stringent requirements for a partner will never be met, he books a professional escort for a month, someone who will play the part demanded of him and put out if the price is right.

A young escort savvy to playing the game, an older man who vows never again to lose what he wants to own.

Serpentine Vampires 1

When two lives entwine, death becomes abhorrent.

Hail Patrascu, an ancestor of Transylvania’s Draculesti family line, wields unique powers as the world’s oldest living vampire who becomes something phenomenal after drinking venom infused blood.

McCall Stephens is haunted by a fiendish beast. Giving in, he may lose everything—including his life! Or will Call’s wildest dreams come true?

A standalone short #paranormal #MMromance with coarse language, #masturbation, explicit sex, abuse flashback, and a little bloody #horror. But there’s an #HEA and no cliffhanger! #lgbtq, #shifter, #reptile
A standalone MM/May-December Romance, with an HEA, and no cliffhanger. Includes, angry sex, strong language, and cursing! Contains: #escort, #fetish, #gay, #gayromance, #lgbtq, #lingerie, #maydecember, #rentboy
When two lives entwine, death becomes abhorrent.

Hail Patrascu, an ancestor of Transylvania’s Draculesti family line, wields unique powers as the world’s oldest living vampire. Searching for death, he becomes something phenomenal after drinking venom infused blood. Not only does he possess vampiric powers, he’s been imbued with those of an even older creature—a serpentine. A snake, heretofore unable to change form, is animated with Hail’s vampire blood and now the monster seeks life of its own!

McCall Stephens had one drink; not nearly enough to imagine what he witnesses after being accosted in an alley. A beast so fiendish, it took the life of a man right before Call’s eyes. Now it stalks him. He haunts Call with eroticism, each encounter tugging him closer to a dark abyss with impossible promises. Giving in, he may lose everything—including his life! Or will Call’s wildest dreams come true?

The last in a short story series of standalone paranormal MM romances. Coarse language, masturbation, explicit sex, abuse flashback, and a little bloody horror. But there’s an HEA and no cliffhanger!
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Serpentine Vampires 2
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